Set the Mood

This week’s out of the box color is Cream Silk.

Hello my friends, I was guided to do this segment on making your home romantic and ready for an enchanted evening with that special someone. For those who celebrate the love holiday, Happy Valentine’s Day.

We all love having someone think of us as that special person they can't live without, right. I like to think that showing love is not just devoted to Valentines Day, but that thursday you were having a rotten day at work and come home to dinner cooked, a hot bubble bath waiting for you and the best message ever.

I don't know why we stress over making sure that we find the right Valentines Day Gift. The pressure on a blossoming relationship to find the balance of a sweet gift without sending the message that I'm ready to move faster than I really want too, or the established relationship that feels, if I don't get this right my partner will let me know by the dissapointing surprised look on their face. Friends, lets try something different this holiday.

How about setting the stage in your home for a romantic evening that will knock their socks off. Turn your bedroom into this sexy, fantasy driven theatrical set where the performance of the evening will be spectacular. Beautiful bedding, wine chilled, hors d'oeuvres and of course a dessert to share. Show your Valentine, that you are their love everyday.



I just love seeing a great performance, where the characters are in love and committed to each other. These actors are willing to think out side the box with creativity in expressing their unwavering acts of love. Well my friends, what are you waiting for. Set the stage for your memorable evening.

If you need a little inspiration on creating your stage, stop on by to VMC Creative Designs, and let us help you create your story. Until next time my friends, have a wonderful day :)


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