Beige Mahal

Crayola Box Chronicle- Wk 12

This week’s out of the box color is Beige.

Well this week’s color is given the house hold name of neutral color. I have been to dozens of homes and without fail, there it is Beige. It’s the color that most feel safe in selecting, when they cannot commit to a color. I will hear things like; I chose beige because it goes with everything. Or, I could not make a color decision so I went with beige, or I need to put this color throughout the house to attract buyers. And the list goes on and on. So my questions today do you really like this color or have you just become to accept this color.

Let’s break this down; by no means am I bashing this color. I like this color. I feel it is the most overused color in the bunch. Beige is a great neutral, but so are green, gray, blue, and brown. Most people are so comfortable with beige, that it’s sometimes hard to like anything else. Well, now that I’ve played devil’s advocate to King of household color, I want to give Beige its spotlight that it deserves.

When I’m met with a client that is color blind to the other colors in the crayon box, I will start with Beige and build other colors around it. This allows clients to change out the other colors (and add or introduce new) while still having a neutral. So that seems to work well for most. I will always be a champion for Beige.




Well, now that the Crayola Box Chronicles have completed the primary color box, I hope that you have found the courage and inspiration to bring color into your life. Whether in small dosage or went all out with a color makeover.  Next week we will dip our color coded toes into the secondary colors of design. For more inspiration, go to or See you next week my Crayola Box Fans. :)


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